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  • Thermally insulated
  • Compatible with all touch screen devices
  • Keep your hands warm while using your phone
  • Touch, Tap, Pinch and Glide -The World is in your Control



If you are an outdoors person who enjoys the adventure and excitement of winter and the plethora of activities it offers in terms of snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and other activities-your season has arrived. However, if you are a ‘techie’ too and don’t want to be separated from your smart phone, tablet or other devices due to the intervention of the cold that makes working a nuisance, this is just the offer for you: $12 for a Pair of Touch Screen Compatible Gloves Including Taxes and Shipping Canada Wide ($35 Value)

This great product will not separate you from your must see Facebook account or catching upon the ice hockey scene.  These Gloves are the perfect accessory for the winter bound tech geek about town. With this offer, you can both enjoy the cold as well as use winter gloves for your touch screen phone or other devices. They are available in a smart black colour and are made from a warm and comfortable fabric that traps heat and keeps you cozy.

Most of these modern gizmos of today have a capacitive touch screen. These touch screens make it impossible to use normal gloves for texting and other tasks. These Gloves enable you to keep your fingers safe from frigid winter winds, while their special finger tips ensure total gadget control and happy browsing. All touch screen gloves are made with conductive material, so your natural body current can be passed through the glove and onto the capacitive screen, which makes your tablet or phone responsive.

Avail of this offer and maintain your ‘techie’ productivity, in winter too!

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