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  • Bonus!! Get free shipping on 4 packages or more!! Only with this deal! (total saved value of $145!)
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  • LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get FREE shipping on 4 packages or more! (total saved value of $145!)
  • $1 from each purchase goes to the Canadian Diabetes Association from GourmetSecrets
  • AAA grain fed Alberta beef, free-range chicken, fresh seafood, and much more!
  • Incredible discount, with higher quality meat and fish than your local grocer
  • All food is natural and preservative-free
  • Voucher valid from November 30th, 2012
  • Purchase any of these 5 items and GourmetSecrets will donate $1 to the Canadian Diabetes Association in support of Diabetes research; the items include: Free Range Chicken Breast, Wild Alaskan Halibut, Wild Coho Salmon, Bison NY Steaks and Free-range Rabbit Breast/legs
  • All of GourmetSecrets food is 100% guaranteed!



Recent studies have shown that one of the reasons for obesity is the consumption of meat, beef, pork and poultry, from animals fed growth hormones which in turn make their way into human body and thus the difficult to shed girth. Same is the case with antibiotics that unknowingly are passed on to the human beings.  If staying organic is the mantra to keep fit by eating vegetables grown using natural fertilizer and biopesticides, in the same way few farms have taken to the concept of raising animals humanely on a 100 per cent vegetarian diet, sans any antibiotic, inorganic feed additives or hormone administered to them. The free-range livestock feeds on green pastures instead of being confined to congested unhealthy barns. The result is protein rich, flavorful and nutritious beef, pork and preservative free seafood for a healthy you. Research shows that pasture fed beef has a higher content of beneficial Omega-3 and conjugated lionleic acids.

Gourmet Secrets believe that quality food is not for a once-a-month treat, but should be available all the time. The offering includes AAA Alberta beef, renowned for its exceptional flavour and tenderness. The beef is aged 21-28 days. All Gourmet Secrets sausages are made with 100 per cent natural free range Alberta pork and the finest natural ingredients.Celiac friendly Viennese-style wieners here come in big size, perfect for the BBQ or a gluten free hot dog.   Their Boneless dry garlic ribs and Deluxe chicken fingers are a hit. Try these and more with this offer. Pay $25 for $250 Worth of AAA Alberta Beef, Free Range Chicken and Wild Fish & Seafood from GourmetSecretsBONUS Free Shipping Available 

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